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Desktop d.3 smart explorer

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Web d.3one

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Mobile d.3mobile

  • d.3 smart explorer

    With d.3 Smart Explorer you get a compact d.3ecm application that is a user-friendly interface across all d.3ecm functions.
The main task of d.3 smart explorer is to provide the user quick and easy information whenever needed.

  • d.3one

    d.3one provides the end user with easy-to-use ECM features in the software environment chosen. Whether it is in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, IBM Notes or simply the web browser - d.3one brings the d.3 smart functions to the surface. Multiple applications can be integrated via d.3one.

  • d.3mobile

    d.3mobile is the app for the Enterprise Content Management System d3ecm. With the app on mobile devices, you can directly find, view and work with your digital files and documents. Your e-mails are mobile so you can access your workflows anywhere and anytime. Important information or attachments from e-mails can be archived directly into d3ecm.


d.3 ECM - Workflow Management

Workflow management

d.3 ECM - email Management

e-mail management

d.3 ECM - Contract Management

Contract management

d.3 ECM - Process Management

Process management

  • workflow

    With Workflow Management, you are able to customize your processes as workflows and  control them digitally. 
This allows you to provide the precise information at the right time in the right place. In addition to the modelling of the process flow, you can create workflow masks or forms via which the employees can interact in the process sequence.  They will be able to receive information and feed the process as well as control the process flow but also break out of it. External systems can also be connected via certified interfaces.

  • e-mail

    E-mail management with d.3ecm is far more than just archiving electronic e-mail. Business-relevant messages and attachments are kept in central, secure and legal  digital files. They are available to every employee at any time and can be integrated into comprehensive business processes. This results in more transparency and traceability in the e-mail chaos.

  • Contracts

    Managing contracts is a business-critical process which involves many challenges. Organizing different departments with different tasks along the entire contract lifecycle is the big challenge. Transparency becomes the determining factor.

  • processes

    Digital process management supports you in your semi-structured processes. In contrast to workflow processes, individual process steps that can be established and defined with the process management. The integrated process management includes flexible phase models and task templates, which allow the standardization of both highly-structured and semi-structured processes.

Digital files

d.3 ECM - Personnel files

Personnel files

d.3 ECM - Electronic files

Electronic files

  • Personnel files

    The Digital Personnel files digitizes and automates your personnel processes ensuring more transparency. For this purpose, it manages all your personnel documents.  Everything from application documents, work contracts, salary statements, as well as  late/sickness reports,  accelerates the processing of the HR processes. It ensures highly transparent processes, improves the ability to retreive information, and permits only authorized user access.

  • Electronic Files

    Electronic files can be searched  by any authorized person, at any time or place in the desired application. The desired file (including all documents) is available directly on the user's screen. Even before opening the file, the user has the most important basic data - like a virtual file cover in the overview.

 Microsoft / IBM / SAP integration

d.3 ECM - Integration with MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

d.3 ECM - Integration with MS Office

Microsoft  Office

d.3 ECM - Integration with MS Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

d.3 ECM - Integration with MS Dynamics NAV/AX

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX

d.3 ECM - Integration with IBM


d.3 ECM - Integration with SAP


  • MS Outlook

    Thanks to a perfect integration, you can search directly in MS Outlook for possible digital files and simply archive your e-mails there. Optionally, you can set additional properties so that colleagues can retrieve the information (e-mails) whenever they need it. You can also edit tasks in business processes that you receive through a workflow - directly and easily in your Outlook client. You can even start a workflow directly from MS Outlook.

  • MS Office

    With the Microsoft Office integration, you can easily access information stored in the d.velop-ECM in digital customer, supplier or project files from any of the Office applications in which you are currently working. While working in an Office application, you do not have to open another program to see if you have a task to do in a business process, hence eliminating repetitive work. You can do that directly from the application you are working in. Simply, open the task, close the process directly, and continue working.

  • MS Dynamics CRM

    With the MS Dynamics integration, you can search directly in the ERP or CRM system for information in digital customer or supplier data. Intelligent search functions are setup to support you. All documents for the current customer, including documents that are not from the ERP or CRM system, are available in the Dynamics application. Documents, e.g. a quote, an order, are retrieved directly from the digital files. This way you stay in your familiar environment at all times without having to learn a new applications.


    As an ERP user you work quickly and effectively in your leading system Dynamics NAV/AX. Information about existing documents must be displayed here in the context of the current operation. This reduces research efforts, improves information quality and creates valuable time for the truly important tasks. The integration into Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX provides the perfect basis for optimizing incoming processes for your company which makes good on saving process costs.

  • IBM

    With the IBM integration you can search directly in Notes for the corresponding digital files in the d.velop-ECM and simply manipulate the e-mail using drag & drop. If you need to make a business decision, you will be prompted with a task in your inbox. You use this to open the process form directly in Notes client. This allows you to view the process and make a decision immedialtley. Of course, you can also start business processes directly from Notes.

  • SAP

    Do you rely on SAP solutions? With the special integration by d.velop, you can easily access your SAP from the familiar user interface allowing you to work more efficiently. For example, you can easily and conveniently create, archive, search and edit documents, e-mails, technical drawings, etc. directly from your SAP. The possibilities are endless.