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Features and functions

  • ICR server
    FOrMsrec ICR Server

    - Reading of the documents is carried out with multiple OCR engines in voting procedures;
    - The recognition results are thus significantly increased;
    - Any number of different types of forms can be detected;
    - High data quality;
    - Minimization of manual interventions;

    Technical Highlights:                                                                                                                                                                                             

    For the OCR/ICR recognition a total of 3 products is used:
    - Kadmos of the company Recognition GmbH;
    - Tiger of the company Cognitive Enterprises;
    - FineReader of the company ABBYY Software House.

  • AIDA
    FormsRec AIDA

    - The ability beyond the mere form reading is extended through this module;
    - Is used for automatic identification of documents;
    - In addition to text recognition, also other criteria such as the structural layout of the document, graphical elements such as logos, text analysis are included;

    Technical Highlights:                                                                                                                                                                                             

    - Works by combining self-learning mechanisms ("Knowledge Base") and self-defined sets of rules ("Regular Expressions");
    - Uses both text analysis functions ("keyword search"), and analyses on graphic basis for classification;
    - Enables the processing of unstructured or semi-structured documents.

  • fuzzy server
    FormsRec Fuzzy Server

    - Enables a fully automated, fuzzy data synchronization with existing databases;
    - Collected documents are identified and classified with increased automation and accuracy;

    Technical Highlights:                                                                                                                                                                                             

    - After the matching process, unsafe or incorrect detection results are corrected by information from the fuzzy database;
    - Errors are reduced to a minimum, because complex plausibility check is possible;

  • Correction (COR)
    FormsRec Correction (COR)

    Allows efficient and ergonomic correction of the interpreting results;

    Technical Highlights:

    The user interface can be freely designed and individually adapted to the needs of the user according to the Windows standard.

  • Application development kit
    FormsRec development kit

    - Standalone creating form descriptions
    - Creation of processing interfaces with post processing

    Technical Highlights:                                                                                                                                                                                             

    - The creation and integration of own TCL script for program control
    - Validation of fields and documents