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FrontCollect Invoice


The individual working steps

FrontCollect Invoice - Process - Steps

Step 1: Supplier identification

FrontCollect Invoice - Process - Steps

Step 2: Reading the data

FrontCollect Invoice - Process - Steps

Step 3: Expansion of the knowledge database


  • 1.
    Supplier Identification

    - Name, address, fax, bank details etc. are sought on the document
    - The information is compared with the supplier master data in the ERP system
    - The reconciliation is carried out in the so called "fuzzy server" and is fault tolerant.                                      


    - Invoice recognition from installation
    - No expense for setting up, configuring and programming
    - Reading from different account types
    - Traceability of the processing steps
    - Ergonomic user interfaces

  • 2.
    Reading the data

    - Invoice number, date or amount are extracted
    - FrontCollect Invoice uses its "intelligence" - rules and knowledge base (Knowledge Base)
    - With this set of rules also a previously unknown form of an invoice can be read at once
    - Finding the information is possible via structure and appearance of values , using keywords and - calculation rules
    - Invoices from a new supplier can immediately be read


    - Easy integration into the SAP R/3 System
    - Recognizing invoices with and without purchase order reference
    - Distinction between single- and multi-sided documents
    - Application of the applicable VAT rates
    - Processing of different languages ​​and country-specific rules

  • 3.
    Expansion of the knowledge database

    - FrontCollect Invoice extracts the requested information also from unknown invoice layouts and learns them automatically
    - If the set of rules has not found a certain value, this invoice is forwarded for further processing
    - The adaptation and maintenance effort for the introduction and during operation is very low


    - Acceleration of processes
    - Reducing costs
    - Optimized financial controlling
    - Additional benefits through punctual payment management